Dimitri Ivanovski

Russian Boxer and Infantry man.


Dimitri Ivanovski is a very well built Russian. He was a heavy weight boxing champion, and was also in the Russian military. Dimitri Stands at 6’ 6" and is strong as an ox. When you see Dimitri coming your way, you had better turn around and run. Legend has it that pure vodka is pumped through his veins, and his hands are forged from Iron.

Race: Russian
Age: 45
Sex: Male
Weight: 130kg, all muscle.
Height: 201cm
Religion: Alcoholic
Preferred Combat: Hand to Hand/ Heavy guns


Dimitri was brought into the world with humble beginnings. His parents were both boxers, and so were their parents, and theirs before them. In fact, he is the offspring of two long lines of boxers, and he had a lot to live up to. Growing up was hard for Dimitri, at the age of 5 he won his first boxing match. After this, the wins kept rolling in. At 15, however, the constant winning became exasperating. He was tired of the world lacking challenge, so he slowly fell into deep depression. He began to binge on vodka, but to no avail, as his pure Russian blood had levels of alcohol tolerance the gods would envy. His life became… pointless.

One night, after winning the National Boxing Championship in the motherland, Dimitri made a big decision. He quit boxing, as the constant success was boring him, and enlisted for the military. He was accepted, and received standard military training with firearms and physical challenges. He wasn’t very good with firearms, but excelled with physical training. Finally, he faced the final challenge. He was put in an arena, surrounded by drunken friends and family, and was given only a bottle of vodka. Also, in the arena, a Polar Bear, which had been starved for days, making it a vicious killing machine. The fight began, Dimitri downed the vodka as the polar bear was freed from it’s chains. It raced over to Dimitri, and let out a bloodcurdling roar. Dimitri, unfazed, stared back at it and roared back. The bear became intoxicated by the vodka in his breath alone, stumbling as it’s drunken fear forced the bear to flee. Dimitri ran after it and broke the beasts spine with a swift right hook. He then ripped the fur off of the bear with his bare (no pun intended) hands. Dimitri Ivanovski now wears that bearskin cloak wherever he goes, and the story on how he got it, even if it is a little twisted by countless retellings, goes on as a local legend.

After passing his initiation with flying colours, he was immediately deployed to battle. Because of his lack of skill with firearms, he grabbed the biggest gun he could see, hoping that instead of precision shots, blasting the foe with a rain of lead lump hell would do the trick. The gun he grabbed was a minigun, and as he charged out onto the battlefield, his eyes filled with tears of joy as he mowed down towel head after towel head, sand n****r after sand n****r. No foe could withstand his barrage of bullets. The Terrorists were all screaming for Allah’s guidance, but apparently Allah is deaf.

He has flattened countless foes, both on the battlefield and in the ring. When the proverbial excrement was launched at the fan, Dimitri headed west, and made his way to Spain. at this point, he could no longer walk west, so he commandeered a ship and sailed it further west. Nobody is quite sure why he was so set on going west, but many believe that the guns and gunmen of the motherland were not enough challenge for this mighty Russian soldier. When he finally made land in the Western land of the U.S.A., he met up with a group of other survivors and decided that they would need his help in order to survive, so he stayed. He still wears that bearskin cloak everywhere, even if it is now stained red from the blood of his enemies.

Dimitri Ivanovski

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